Cross Country Competition

Cross Country competition

Monday 10th October 2015

On Monday 10th October Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 children took part in across country running competition at Melbourne Park. The children had to run a distance of between 300 and 400metres. The children all did brilliantly and each received a certificate. As a whole school we took 2nd place in the year 1 competition and special congratulations to Evelyn Clarke in Garnet Class who took 1st place in the year 2 girls Race.

Well done to:

Year 2 – Ben, Hannah, Jack, Evelyn, Erin and Pavanaj

Year 1 – Owen, Lulu, Elsa, Marlon, Tess, Nour, Caius

Foundation Stage – Lyla, Libby, George, Dylan, Joseph, Daisy