Gym competition

On Tuesday 8th March 2016 Mrs Bowen took a team of 8 year 2 children to compete in a Key stage 1 gymnastics competition. The girls, Maisie, Nancy, Evelyn, Maya, Imogen, Nicole, Erin and Evie had to perform a routine with particular skills for a duration of 1min and 30secs against 14 other teams. The girls had been practising their routine before school and performed it in front of 3 judges and an audience of spectators.  

After the girls performed their routine they joined in a fitness circuit before the final was announced. This was the first year the rules of the competition had changed and the level produced from the 14 other schools was of a very high standard.


The girls had a wonderful morning and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They looked the part and did a fabulous job, Perryfields Infants should be very proud, well done girls for taking part and trying your very best!