May half term - message from your teachers

Message from your teachers about the half term holiday w/c 25th May 2020


Dear Children and Parents,

You have all been working very hard away from school this half term and we have loved seeing photographs and files that you have saved or sent to us. We hope you enjoyed our videos too!

We’d like you to have a good rest over the holidays so that you are ready for your last half term in the infants.

We know that even in the holidays, some of you like to keep in touch so we will look at our DBPrimary emails from time to time. We also know that some of you have enjoyed working, so here are some things you might enjoy trying:


Write a holiday diary. Draw a picture or stick something interesting in for each day. Or make a weather diary, drawing a picture for the morning and afternoon of each day.

Write a letter to a friend and really send it. People love receiving letters!

Draw or paint a picture from observation (that means looking really carefully). This could be a flower or leaf from your garden or a toy from your house.

Go on a walk and take photographs of 5 interesting things you see. If you can print them, you could write about why they were interesting to you.

Do some cooking. There are loads of recipes for children online if you don’t have a cookery book. Or make a teddy bear’s picnic in your garden.

If you have a garden, make an obstacle course or a show jumping course, with things to jump over and gallop round! If you don’t, you could do a shuttle run outside your house.

Make a poster about your favourite number. Write the number in the middle of the page and then write lots of facts about that number, different ways to make it or things you know about it. For example: 3 – the number of bears in Goldilocks, the number of pigs, the number of Billy Goats Gruff, 2 + 1, 3 – 0, 1 x 3, 6 ÷ 2.

Write a book review or a review of a television programme, saying whether you enjoyed it and why.


These are only ideas to try if you are bored or want to keep working, you don’t have to do any of them.

The plans for the 1st June will be put on the website in the middle of next week and we will be making phone calls to you all again at some point that week.


Have a great holiday!

Mrs Champion, Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Shaikhly