Pearl Class

Pearl Class 2023-24
Colchester Zoo
We had a lovely time visiting Colchester Zoo. First we got to explore the zoo, then we met Bauble the elf who taught us all about Penguins, then we were lucky enough to meet three real life penguins and finally Father Christmas came with a treat for each of us. It was a lovely day full of smiles, learning and happiness! 
DT Superhero Boxes
Pearl Class have really enjoyed making their superhero boxes this term. First we took inspiration from existing designs, they we designed them and finally we created them. Don't they look marvellous!
Delightful Diwali and Dance
Pearl class had a wonderful time celebrating Diwali this year. We decorated our classroom with our beautiful decorations, made some story stick puppets and learnt a fabulous Diwali dance with some of our fabulous class LSA's.
A Warm Welcome!
A huge well done to my new Perfect Pearls for settling into Year 2 so beautifully! They have really risen to the challenge of trickier learning and are setting a fabulous example for the younger children to follow.
So far in far Pearl Class we have been busy writing about superheroes in Literacy, partitioning in Numeracy, learning about the Moon Landing in History, investigating materials in Science, dancing in PE and electing our new School Council/Play Leaders in PSHE.
It certainly has been a busy start but we are all very excited for everything to come in Year 2!
Welcome to Pearl Class
Welcome Shiny New Pearls!
Pearl class have made a fabulous start in year 2. They have been VERY busy conducting science experiments, attending art galleries, solving mathematical problems, debating issues and electing school council/play leaders. 
I could not be prouder of how mature and wonderful they have all been. It's going to be an excellent year!
The Mini Olympics
Pearl Class were amazing at the Mini Olympics this year! They were super sensible, seriously speedy and extra enthusiastic! All the children did very well and loved the different activities. We were especially proud of Robyn who was the 3rd highest scoring girl at the event out of all the schools who attended but the good news doesn't stop there ...Perryfields came first overall as a school! Well done Perfect Pearls and Dazzling Diamonds!
Pearl Class 2021-2
Layer Marney Towers
Pearl Class had a fabulous day at Layer Marney Towers! The sun was shining and everyone was smiling the entire day long. We loved all the different activities (the picnic was a real highlight) and being dressed up in our Tudor outfits. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures and seeing all the fun we had!
DT Space Boxes
Our DT project for this term was to make a Space Box with a winder in it. We had such a lot of fun designing, making and evaluating our DT boxes! Don't they look fabulous?!
Chelmsford Cathedral
We had a fabulous time at Chelmsford Cathedral learning all about the Easter Story. There were 5 different activities each with an Easter theme and we spent the day moving around each of them. The sun was shining down on us and after our lunch we got to have a play outside in the sunshine. It was a lovely day with lots of learning taking place!
Making Kites!
Pearl Class have had an excellent time designing and making kites in class. Don't they look fabulous!
Pearl Class have made an excellent start in Year 2! Everyone is working hard, behaving sensibly and reaching for the stars!
We have been doing lots of fun things in class such as edible maths, attending Monet's art gallery, dance class and sorting in Science. Here are a few snaps of our fun in the first few weeks - more to follow very soon! 
Well done Precious Pearls for being so grown up and fabulous! :)