Pearl Class

Pearl Class 2019-20
Go West!
This half term we have been learning about Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. We have learned about the rainforest habitat and some of the creatures that live there, as well as learning about the life of a child in Rio de Janiero. Today we used our collage skills to make rainforest pictures.
Evacuees for the day
To enrich our topic "Far from Home," we went on a trip to Colne Valley Railway to learn more about Operation Pied Piper in 1939. We went along dressed as evacuees, carrying our gas mask boxes and wearing name labels, and experienced waving goodbye and being "chosen" by host families. Best of all, we had a ride in an old train carriage and went up into the signal box to see how the signals work.
We love Edible Maths
To help us understand the concept of place value, we recently had a fantastic Edible Maths session. Using raisins as ones and bread sticks as tens, we divided numbers into different combinations of tens and ones! Best of all, we then ate the answers!
Team games and Introductions - September 2019
We've had a really busy start to the year. In the first week of the term, we agreed class rules, created time capsules that will be opened at the end of the year, learned to sketch each other's faces and discussed what would make a good member of the school council. This week we have elected our school councillors, designed recycling posters and learned to work as a team to solve a problem. We have also been introduced to a focus artist, Paul Klee, and created our own line and shape pictures, as well as beginning our maths with work on partitioning and using our "Silly Sentences" books. Next week, we are going to start work on our topic, Far From Home.
Pearl Class 2018-19
World Book Day in Pearl Class
We really enjoyed World Book Day! We came into school dressed up as book characters, shared books with Ruby Class and even made out own books.
Edible Maths
We love using food to make our maths more interesting and then eating it afterwards! We have used Smarties to make edible pictograms, investigating the most popular colour in each packet, and Jelly Tots to construct 3D shapes, with each Jelly Tot forming one of the vertices. Yummy!
Chinese New Year dancing
African Safari
Our Spring Term topic is "African Safari." We have been reading the book "Anna Hibiscus," learning about habitats and animals of the African savannah and looking at photographs of urban and rural Africa to help us to learn more.
Christmas 2018
Autumn Term 2018
What a very busy term we have been having! Our topic is "Heroes" and we began by learning about heroes from the history of space travel. We went on our own trip to the moon, before making mini rockets by joining paper in different ways. We learned about the planets of the solar system and discovered how light travels by making shadow puppets. After that, we learned about heroes from wartime, making poppies when we learned about Remembrance Day, and then studying Florence Nightingale and finding out why she is remembered.
We had lots of fun trying to turn a pile of wires, batteries and bulbs into electric circuits!
Lots of Multiplying!
We have been learning to solve multiplication problems. First of all we made arrays using cubes, then we drew them ourselves to help us solve problems, as well as finding how many "lots of" there are by counting on with our fingers.
Pearl Class 2017-18
School Trip to Walton-on-the-Naze
On Tuesday 22nd May, we went on a whole school trip to Walton to learn about different habitats and geology at the coast. First of all, Pearl class went rock pooling. We found little shore crabs, sea anemones, different sea weeds and shells including limpets, whelks and piddocks. Then we moved along the beach and went fossil hunting. We found lots of fossilised wood and Tabitha even found a shark's tooth. After lunch, we were wildlife detectives in the cliff top fields. We hunted for different types of plants and used sweep nets to try to catch insects. The sun shone all day and we had a wonderful time!
Our T-shirt Fashion Show
In the Power of Reading book, Halibut Jackson, Halibut designs and makes clothes that will enable him to blend in with different backgrounds. He wrote and asked us to design T-shirts for his shop, so we did, and then we modelled the "New Season's T-shirts" at a fashion show, in front of the whole school!
All about London
In the Spring term, our topic was Eye on London. We studied leaflets to learn about how they persuade people and then wrote our own leaflets to persuade people to visit a London landmark. We also learned about the Great Fire of London, and created pictures of the fire, using torn paper. We learned the song "London Bridge is Falling Down" and thought about which materials would make a strong bridge, before making our own!
World Book Day 2018
Our World Book Day celebrations were delayed by the snow but they were worth the wait! We all came in dressed up as our favourite book characters and during the day we wrote riddles about them. We also completed a quiz about some of our favourite class books and made little books ourselves too. Pearl class all agree that books are great!
Our Christmas Play: Lights, Camel, Action!
We have been very busy preparing for our school play, "Lights, Camel, Action!" The play takes place in a stable in Bethlehem and takes the form of a dance competition (like Strictly Come Dancing), with all the Nativity characters taking part. The judges were the Innkeeper's Wife, the Angel Gabriel, Caesar Augustus (boo!) and the Donkey. Year 2 children took these roles, as well as the hosts, voiceovers (Judges, can we have your scores please?) shepherds, innkeepers, villagers, camels and wise men, shepherds, narrators, musicians, floor managers, Mary and Joseph and the Bethlehem star.
Our trip to Fingringhoe Wick Nature Reserve
We went to Fingringhoe to learn more about nocturnal animals and changes through the seasons. First we dissected owl pellets to learn about what the owls had been eating. After lunch we played animal detectives, looking for clues that nocturnal animals had been there, and we found a badger sett. Finally we went into the woods and used autumn leaves to make "leaf-hogs". It was great fun!
Making circuits
We learned to make a circuit so that the bulb would light up. At first we couldn't work out how to make the bulbs light but then we discovered that the electricity has to be able to run round and round, so there can't be any breaks in the circuits.
Art in the style of Jon Klassen
Our focus author is also an illustrator. In "Extra Yarn" the pictures had big blocks of colour and lots of straight lines. We worked together to produce similar pictures. Lots of Jon Klassen's books have bears in so we tried to draw similar bears too.
Making and testing shadow puppets
We learned that light travels in straight lines and, where the light cannot pass through a solid object, a shadow forms. Our puppets were brightly coloured and had lots of detail on them but the shadows were just grey or black. We moved the puppets towards and away from the light to change its size and clarity.
The Dark: conscience alley
Should Laszlo go into the cellar? Should he approach the drawers? We gave him advice but he had to decide!
Getting to know each other
The children in Pearl Class are very excited about being in Year 2. We spent the first week of term getting to know each other, thinking of class rules, lining up in height order (without talking!) and focusing on how to work together. We created patterns on hands, inspired by Mendhi designs, and combined them all to make one giant picture.
Pearl Class 2016-17
Trip to Hanningfield Reservoir

Pearl class had an amazing time at Hanningfield Reservoir on our school trip. First we built dens outside in the woodland areas. We had to work as a team and afterwards Nicola, our guide, tested them to see if they were waterproof - some of us got a little soggy! Next it was time to do a spot of bird watching and we went into the bird hide on the water’s edge. In the afternoon, we did some pond dipping to see what strange creatures lurked in the ponds; we found lots of water fleas and hog louses. Finally we played some outdoor games. Our favourite was camouflaging caterpillars even though the black and brown caterpillars were tricky for us to find. It was lovely to get some fresh air and have lots of fun with our friends!


World Book Day

Pearl class LOVE reading and have really enjoyed World Book Day! We all dressed up and enjoyed showing off our costumes to each other. Can you guess who we all are? We then wrote riddles about our favourite book characters and enjoyed a visit to the local library where we looked at the books available and read stories to each other.

Yummy Pancakes!

Pearl class enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day this week and learning all about the Christian origins of the day. We did lots of lovely informative writing about Shrove Tuesday and then decorated some pancakes using all our favourite toppings. We had a competition to see who could make the most creative pancake and we decided as a class that Caius’ was very unique and the winner!

Phonics Fun 

Pearl class have been working really hard with phonics and grammar so far this term. This week we have been looking at word types, spelling rules and when to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ before a noun. We have been playing lots of fun board games to help consolidate our learning of the rules.

Super Glittery Slime

We became scientists in class today and were busy brewing up magical potions that turned liquids into slimy solids! First we mixed PVA glue with food colouring, then we added a magical concoction of water and starch powder, finally we stirred and kneaded our creations into glittery slime. We had great fun playing with it, shaping it, stretching it and even transferring pencil drawings onto it. After we had cleaned up, we thought about the science; we created polymer human chains and practised joining together, just as the molecules in the glue did when the starch was added.

Pearl class gets magical!

This week we have been busy becoming magicians! We learnt how to read people’s minds by guessing the number our volunteer was thinking of. We could tell you how it’s done, but a magician never reveals their secrets! It did involve lots of magical energy and some very tricky mental addition however!

Gymnastics with Mr Noach

Pearl class have had a great start to the term learning gymnastics with Mr Noach! So far we have been learning our gymnastic positions and practising floor sequences. We are really looking forward to getting the equipment out in the next few weeks and working on our climbing skills. 

Owl Day

Pearl class has a ‘hoot’ of a day when the Owl’s came in to visit. First we enjoyed learning all about Owl’s in our assembly time and Lulu even got to help fly one! Oscar the owl was a bit naughty but the rest of the owls performed perfectly! After our assembly we wrote down some exciting facts about owls using headings and in the afternoon we collected leaves and made owls out of them.


Pearl class have really LOVED learning all about Diwali! First we practised our instruction writing by making some delicious Diwali coconut ice and then writing about it. Next we learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and made colourful story maps. Finally we learned some traditional Indian dance with Natalie. 

Democracy in action

Here in Pearl Class we have been learning all about democracy! We decided to vote to elect our Play Leaders and School Council. First we wrote application forms saying why we would like the job, then we read then out to the class and finally we voted.

Lulu and Luke are our excellent new School Council representatives.

Olivia, Jasmine, Max, Tess, Nour, Arush, Zane, Caius, Ruby and Finnley are our wonderful new Play leaders.