Pearl Class

Pearl Class 2021-2
DT Space Boxes
Our DT project for this term was to make a Space Box with a winder in it. We had such a lot of fun designing, making and evaluating our DT boxes! Don't they look fabulous?!
Chelmsford Cathedral
We had a fabulous time at Chelmsford Cathedral learning all about the Easter Story. There were 5 different activities each with an Easter theme and we spent the day moving around each of them. The sun was shining down on us and after our lunch we got to have a play outside in the sunshine. It was a lovely day with lots of learning taking place!
Colchester Zoo
We had a lovely time visiting Colchester Zoo. First we got to explore the zoo, then we met Jingle the elf who taught us all about Penguins, then we were lucky enough to meet two real life penguins and finally Father Christmas came with a treat for each of us. It was a lovely day full of smiles, learning and happiness! 
Making Kites!
Pearl Class have had an excellent time designing and making kites in class. Don't they look fabulous!
Pearl Class have made an excellent start in Year 2! Everyone is working hard, behaving sensibly and reaching for the stars!
We have been doing lots of fun things in class such as edible maths, attending Monet's art gallery, dance class and sorting in Science. Here are a few snaps of our fun in the first few weeks - more to follow very soon! 
Well done Precious Pearls for being so grown up and fabulous! :) 
Pearl Class 2020-21
National Sports Week
Pearl class have loved taking part in National Sports Week this week. We got to do Bootcamp, Ball Skills, Swimming and Horse (or zebra/lion) riding! Everyone has had so much fun and we are all feeling very fit and healthy! 
The Mini Olympics 
We loved taking part in the Mini Olympics and managed to score lots of points for our school! We sprinted, skipped, hopped, jumped and stacked our way to victory through the activities. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a medal once all the school's scores have been added up!
Fabulous Fruit Skewers
Pearl Class really enjoyed making healthy fruit kebabs as part of their literacy work on instruction writing. They had to think carefully about which adjectives and adverbs to include in their work. Everyone especially enjoyed eating them afterwards!
Marvellous Maps!
Pearl class have been working very hard in Geography working with maps! Last week we went into the hall and made a giant messy map of the UK on the floor and this week we have been hunting for Rudolf! We had to use our maps of the playground to locate all the reindeer moss to find Rudolf and save Christmas! Luckily we worked together as team and managed to find it all!

Pearl Class have had a very busy and exciting start to the year! Our topic for this term is 'Out of this World' and we have all really enjoyed learning about the wonders of space!

In Science we have been learning about Light and Dark. We have conducted lots of experiments and even got to make shadow puppets which we tested in the dark tent.

In History we have been learning all about Neil Armstrong. We had great fun making timelines and learning interesting facts all about his life.

In DT we have just begun making our space themed show boxes complete with a wind up component. We have just finished planning them and will be uploading pictures of us making them very soon......
Pearl Class 2019-20
Go West!
This half term we have been learning about Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. We have learned about the rainforest habitat and some of the creatures that live there, as well as learning about the life of a child in Rio de Janiero. Today we used our collage skills to make rainforest pictures.
Evacuees for the day
To enrich our topic "Far from Home," we went on a trip to Colne Valley Railway to learn more about Operation Pied Piper in 1939. We went along dressed as evacuees, carrying our gas mask boxes and wearing name labels, and experienced waving goodbye and being "chosen" by host families. Best of all, we had a ride in an old train carriage and went up into the signal box to see how the signals work.
We love Edible Maths
To help us understand the concept of place value, we recently had a fantastic Edible Maths session. Using raisins as ones and bread sticks as tens, we divided numbers into different combinations of tens and ones! Best of all, we then ate the answers!
Team games and Introductions - September 2019
We've had a really busy start to the year. In the first week of the term, we agreed class rules, created time capsules that will be opened at the end of the year, learned to sketch each other's faces and discussed what would make a good member of the school council. This week we have elected our school councillors, designed recycling posters and learned to work as a team to solve a problem. We have also been introduced to a focus artist, Paul Klee, and created our own line and shape pictures, as well as beginning our maths with work on partitioning and using our "Silly Sentences" books. Next week, we are going to start work on our topic, Far From Home.
Pearl Class 2018-19
World Book Day in Pearl Class
We really enjoyed World Book Day! We came into school dressed up as book characters, shared books with Ruby Class and even made out own books.
Edible Maths
We love using food to make our maths more interesting and then eating it afterwards! We have used Smarties to make edible pictograms, investigating the most popular colour in each packet, and Jelly Tots to construct 3D shapes, with each Jelly Tot forming one of the vertices. Yummy!
Chinese New Year dancing
African Safari
Our Spring Term topic is "African Safari." We have been reading the book "Anna Hibiscus," learning about habitats and animals of the African savannah and looking at photographs of urban and rural Africa to help us to learn more.
Christmas 2018
Autumn Term 2018
What a very busy term we have been having! Our topic is "Heroes" and we began by learning about heroes from the history of space travel. We went on our own trip to the moon, before making mini rockets by joining paper in different ways. We learned about the planets of the solar system and discovered how light travels by making shadow puppets. After that, we learned about heroes from wartime, making poppies when we learned about Remembrance Day, and then studying Florence Nightingale and finding out why she is remembered.
We had lots of fun trying to turn a pile of wires, batteries and bulbs into electric circuits!
Lots of Multiplying!
We have been learning to solve multiplication problems. First of all we made arrays using cubes, then we drew them ourselves to help us solve problems, as well as finding how many "lots of" there are by counting on with our fingers.