Sapphire Class

Sapphire Class 2019-20
Forest School Sessions
Sapphire class have really been enjoying their outdoor learning and haven’t allowed the chilly weather or rain to dampen their enthusiasm! They have been busy crafting things, building dens, spotting bugs, working in teams and making habitats. They have been learning lots of new things and having fun in the mud!
A Sparkling Start

Sapphire class have made a fantastic start and the team couldn’t be prouder of them! They have really risen to the challenge of trickier lessons and taking on additional responsibility.
We have been busy ordering and comparing numbers, writing all about ourselves, voting for school council sketching, developing our team building skills and thinking of questions for our exciting new bear topic.

We can’t wait for our Goldilocks themed week next week where we will be cooking porridge. Yum Yum! 

Sapphire Class 2018-19
Spring Term 2019 - World Book Day, ducks and trip to the library
Forest school

We loved our forest school sessions at the start of the term! It was such fun to be creative in the woods and learn new things. We were very lucky with the weather and the sun was shining throughout our sessions!

We are all Experts!

Another favourite activity this term has been our weekly Mantle of the Expert acting sessions. We have assumed all sorts of roles and taken many commissions to help people and animals alike. Some weeks we have been designers, others investigators and even debaters. We always work sensibly and collaboratively in our team!


In numeracy Sapphire class have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We made 3D shape penguins to help us remember all the tricky names!

Sapphire Class 2017-18

We are all "experts"

The children in Sapphire class have been really enjoying our mantle acting sessions on a Friday. So far we have been emergency service workers, zoo designers, lost and found company workers and Great Barrier Reef conservationists. Each week we like to take on new roles and complete new commissions. Our independent writing has been superb and we’re all excellent actors!

Fabulous Fossils

Sapphire class had the most wonderful morning learning all about fossils from Ivan the Palaeontologist. He taught us all about how fossils are formed and then we were able to excavate some fossils of our own. We found bones, teeth, claws, an egg, fish and a spike from the tail of a Stegosaurus. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to write Ivan thank you letters and make our own fossils – luckily, we won’t have to wait millions of years for ours to form!

Year 1 zoo trip
Sapphire class had a fantastic time visiting the zoo. It was good fun to learn about all the different animals and their habitats. We loved meeting the penguins and learned many facts about where they live, what they eat and how they are adapted. The trip was made extra special with a visit from Father Christmas himself who agreed that Sapphire class are fantastically well behaved and are all on the ‘nice’ list this year!


Sapphire Class have loved learning about the festival of Diwali. We particularly enjoyed going into the hall and completing the Diwlai themed activities which included glitzy firework pictures, making 3D elephants, writing in Hindu and creating Rangoli patterns. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed posing for them!

Marvellous Maths

The superb Sapphires have had an excellent start to the year and have settled really well in class. We have been working especially hard in numeracy. So far we have been practising reading, writing and ordering numbers. We have also been finding one more/one less, learning number bonds and adding.

We have used lots of different techniques to help us such as working with partners, using computer programmes and even chalking numbers outside. It has been a busy start but we all enjoy a challenge in numeracy!

Sapphire Class 2016-17
Our Trip to Layer Marney Tower
On Thursday 8th June, we had a fantastic trip to Layer Marney. We had a go at archery and some Tudor games, then we learned about how they used leaves to help keep themselves clean. After that, we climbed right to the top of the tower, which was 99 steps. We were really hungry by the time we climbed down again so we ate our lunches. 
In the afternoon, we learned about Tudor food and did some spinning and finally we learned about being a knight and held some real weapons and armour.
Sapphire's Super Scientists
We have really enjoyed being scientists this term.  We made parachutes to learn about air resistance and tested different materials to see if they were attracted to a magnet, before using what we learned to make magnet mazes. During Science Week, we saw some chicks hatch from eggs and watched them grow, and our parents came into school to help us carry out experiments into shadows, static electricity, the strength of structures, the absorbency of kitchen roll and all about bubbles.
World Book Day and our walk to the library
Because it was World Book Day this week, we have been to visit Springfield Library. We chose books and listened to a story together. On World Book Day itself, we all came to school dressed up as characters from books and wrote riddles about our own characters.
Pancake fractions
This week we have started to learn about fractions by finding fractions of shapes. We learned that all the parts have to be exactly the same size. We practised by cutting pancakes into halves and quarter and then we ate them a quarter at a time, looking carefully at how much was left. Mmmm!

Measuring Moolis (and other vegetables)

This week we have been learning to order and measure lengths. As our topic is Over and Under, we thought we would start by measuring root vegetables (well, pictures of them). We put them in order of length, then measured them in cubes, and lastly measured them in centimetres. We chose some other things to measure as well, including each other!

Sapphire's Super Scientists!
We carried out an experiment on floating and sinking this week. As a group, we chose the a objects to test, then we made predictions. After that, we tested the objects, one at a time, checking that it was still floating or sinking after one minute. We can't wait to do the next experiment.
About time too!
This term we have been learning all about time. We have learned to tell the time to the hour and half hour. Some of us have even learned to set the clocks to 5 minute intervals. We have also had fun timing each other in seconds, doing different activities using stopwatches, and then comparing which activities were quicker and slower.
Rugby with Eddie
In PE this half term we have been learning and practising rugby skills with our coach Eddie. We have learned to weave while we are running with the ball, put the ball down as if we were scoring a try and to dodge in a small space. Most of all, we have learned to work as a team!

The Jolly Christmas Postmen

We have all been really busy practising the songs and dances for our school play, “The Jolly Christmas Postmen.” Everyone in the school took part and in Year 1 we were snowmen, dwarves, elves, children playing in the snow, dancing Santas, all the king’s men or the three little pigs and a hen! The Jolly Postmen (or women in our case) saw all of us while they were delivering the Christmas post, before calling to watch a Nativity play at the end.

A Day at the Museum
As our topic on houses and homes comes to an end, we were all really excited to have a day out at the Oaklands Museum, which used to be a family home. We learned about Victorian wash day, the Victorian kitchen, how homes have changed in living memory (our teachers were good at that bit) and learned about how the rooms were used when this was a home. We also had the chance to play in the park before catching the coach back to school.
House building day
This week we all became builders! We had already designed a house to make with boxes and this week we spent a whole day building them. First we looked again at our designs to work out what we needed to use. Then we collected all the boxes and tubes, tape and glue we would need and began cutting and joining. Before lunch we painted our box homes and afterwards we added windows, doors and beams. Finally we evaluated what we had made, thinking about what was hardest and any changes we had made to the original design. We were really proud of the results!

Place value pictures

This week we have been learning about place value (what each of the digits in a 2 digit number really means). Firstly we represented numbers using Tall Tens and little ones and then we made pictures with the apparatus and worked out the value of them by adding the tens and ones!

Homes in the local area
As part of our "Home Sweet Home" topic, we have learned about different types of home - detached, semi-detached, bungalow and so on - and we thought we should investigate which types of home we could find near the school. Armed with paper, pencils and high visibility jackets, we went for a walk in Springfield. We made rubbings of brickwork and sketched some of the homes we saw.

The Three Little Pigs

Our first literacy project this term was based around the three little pigs. We shared the story, acted it out, drew story plans (some of us changed the characters) and then retold the story in our own words.

We also began to learn about materials, learning the names of different materials, identifying which materials we could see in our classroom and thinking about the properties of materials. This helped us understand why the third pig was sensible to build his house of bricks!

Working together, working alone
We have carried on learning how to work together this week, working in a team to read parts-of-the-body labels and then stick them in the correct places on some of our classmates! We have also practised working on our own, using apparatus like Numicon and Multilink to help us show that we understand more and less.
Welcome Back!
We have had a busy first week, talking about our summer holidays, painting portraits, identifying things we want to improve this year, counting, reading and playing together. We are looking forward to an exciting year!