Sapphire Class

Sapphire Class 2021-2
Sorting and counting
This week we have started our maths work on place value by sorting objects in different ways and making sure that we can count them accurately.
Sapphire Class 2020-21
Sports Week 2021
What a very active week we have had! We had Boot Camp on Monday, a try-out with the mechanical horses on Tuesday, athletics with Chelmsford City on Wednesday, races with the horses on Thursday and swimming on Friday. The horse races were great fun. We had all decorated our jockey shirts in our team colours and the races were extremely close, with red and green teams ending up tied on points. We can't wait to wear the T-shirts again next week for sports day!
Castles Day
In the spring term, we learned about castles and the Norman Conquest but due to lockdown we were unable to complete our DT block on junk modelling, so in the summer term we put that right! We wrote down what we remembered about castles, designed castles on our own and then in a group, learned some skill (disassembling boxes, marking out, cutting and joining boxes), chose our materials and then built. At the end of the session, we decorated our castles and evaluated what we had made and learned. It was great fun!
Sapphire scientists
We have been learning all about plants. We looked closely at parts of plants and learned their function, planted seeds to see where they would grow well and went on a leaf hunt in the school grounds.
More Edible Maths
Back in school after lockdown and what better way to learn about division than sharing out sweeties and raisins equally between 2 or 3 "plates"? Of course to get different (lower) totals to share, we had to eat some!
December in Sapphire Class
What a great week we've had! First of all we had our final Forest School session, where we sat round the camp fire and toasted marsh mallows. Then we performed the Christmas play - we can't wait to see the film that was made! On Wednesday it was Christmas Jumper Day and we ate our Christmas lunch in the Christmas pudding hats we had made for the occasion. Finally we completed our DT project on biscuits by making, eating and evaluating our products. We've decided December in school is really great!
Hunting for moss on Reindeer Island
On a morning that was nearly as cold as the Arctic, we enjoyed our "reindeer hunt". We learned to pace out distances, learned to use north, south, east and west and used maps to locate moss for the reindeer in the playground.
Fun with Shape
This week we have been investigating shape. We started with a sheet of shapes and played Twister, putting our fingers on all the triangles, anything that had 4 sides and so on. Then we sorted shapes in different ways, including triangles and not-triangles and shapes with 4 sides or more and fewer than 4 sides.
We learned about how people celebrate Diwali and then made our own pictures of Diva lamps.
Science - our senses
This term, our science has been all about our 5 senses. We have really enjoyed carrying out experiments using our senses of sight and smell.
Edible Maths
We love edible maths! We used jelly beans on a part-whole model to help us work out number bonds to and within 10, and then of course we ate them!
Art - mixing and applying colour
In art we have been learning how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours and how to apply paint neatly.
Forest School
Every Monday this term we have been to Forest School with Justine Page. We have learned to whittle sticks, make leaf butterflies, printed flags by hammering leaves and much more!
Sapphire Class 2019-20
Forest School Sessions
Sapphire class have really been enjoying their outdoor learning and haven’t allowed the chilly weather or rain to dampen their enthusiasm! They have been busy crafting things, building dens, spotting bugs, working in teams and making habitats. They have been learning lots of new things and having fun in the mud!
A Sparkling Start

Sapphire class have made a fantastic start and the team couldn’t be prouder of them! They have really risen to the challenge of trickier lessons and taking on additional responsibility.
We have been busy ordering and comparing numbers, writing all about ourselves, voting for school council sketching, developing our team building skills and thinking of questions for our exciting new bear topic.

We can’t wait for our Goldilocks themed week next week where we will be cooking porridge. Yum Yum!