Week beginning 14th December

Parent information for week beginning 14th December 2020
Literacy - retell the Christmas story in full sentences, using the pictures and word bank to help you.
The children in school will be looking back through their topic books and writing about what they have enjoyed most. Children working from home could use the photographs on the website (Children-classes-sapphire/emerald) to remind themselves of some of the things we have done. They could then combine their writing and email skills by emailing their teachers on DBPrimary to tell them.
Phonics - there are 2 lovely Advent calendars saved, with different activities for different days. As we are half way through December already, choose whichever days you fancy!
Reading - during quiet reading time, we will be choosing books from Oxford Owl to read together as a class, and children at home can do the same.
Maths - apply adding and subtraction skills by completing some of the Christmas colouring activities.
Children in school will also be using a range of 2D shapes to make a Christmas tree picture. Children at home could try the same, and make other Christmas images too, using shapes. 
Art/ science - learn about snowflakes and then see if you can make some from white paper, starting with a circle and folding it to ensure symmetry.
Art/ RE - children will be looking at some images of stained glass windows and then attempting to make some of their own, using black paper for the frame and tissue paper for the windows. If you don't have those materials, children could just design and colour or paint a window of their own. See resources below.
We will also be having 2 PE lessons. Make sure you do some exercise, whether it is dancing, using WiFit, going for a walk or running up and down stairs!
Other useful things to do:
- practise handwriting, making sure letters are formed correctly and are a regular size. See the videos on the Curriculum section of this website.
- practise mental maths (number bonds to 10, then 20, counting forward and back, adding and subtraction within 20)
- write a winter poem (we did one together in class). Gather lots of ideas and make a list poem, with one adjective for each noun eg. rosy cheeks, tingly fingers.