Week beginning 1st February 2021

Dear Parents and carers,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Saved below are all this week’s resources and videos.

This week we have tried to ensure that there are fewer PowerPoints and less printing (although there is still some), and more detail on the weekly plan. The English this week is a non-fiction project that will continue until the end of term and we’d like you to choose your writing from either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to send us, as well as Tuesday’s Maths. We definitely don’t need the whole of Friday’s assessment sent to us, but it would be helpful to know if there are any questions or areas that caused difficulty.

We are also going to try to make a virtual sculpture park on the website, so if you would like your sculpture and a picture of your work included, please send us a photo of that too.

Finally, we just wanted to say that we know this is a tough time and that you are all doing your best. No-one will be in trouble if they don’t cover every single thing! Take care and try to enjoy yourselves!

The Year 1 Team

Literacy video - Monday 1st February
Phonics - Monday 1st February
Maths video - Monday 1st February
Literacy video - Tuesday 2nd February
Maths video - Tuesday 2nd February
Literacy video - Wednesday 3rd February
Summary of activities - Thursday 4th February
Maths starter video - Thursday 4th February
Summary of day's activities - Friday 5th February