Week Beginning 20th April - learning from home

Dear Parents,


We hope you have had a nice Easter and have been enjoying some fresh air.


These are some of the activities we had planned, if you would like to try them…


Literacy We were going to be working on writing descriptive sentences. Using Jack and The Beanstalk as your stimulus see if you can write some sentences describing the giant, the beans, the castle, the beanstalk etc.

Eg. The giant has got big feet.

Try to remember to start with a capital letter, use finger spaces and finish with a full stop. Use your phonic knowledge to sound words out where you can.




Phonics Please start to look at the trigraphs – air, ear and ure. Please use Mr Thorne on YouTube to help learn these. The children could have a go at writing these and any words that they are in. As an extra challenge the children could have a go at using these words in sentences!


Maths In maths we would have been working on subtraction. Start to use practical things (playdough, beads, counters, fruit, sweets!) to look at taking amounts away.

Eg. Start with 7 oranges take 2 away from the group, how many are left? Then have a go at recording it as a number sentence. 7-2=5. Please try to do this with lots of different objects and with lots of different amounts so that children become confident with subtraction.


Art and Design In art we would have been making our own magic beans and a pot to keep them in! You could do this by using playdough, salt dough, drawing/colouring/cutting, junk modelling, painting – be as creative as you like!

To make playdough…


To make salt dough…



Science At school we would have been starting to grow beans and recording growth and conditions the bean needs. You could have a go at growing beans or any other plants. If you cannot do this have a look at the signs of Spring as you go for a walk or in your garden. What can you spot growing? You could take photos or draw pictures.


Physical Development Have a try of some different online physical activities.

Joe Wicks daily PE at 9am on YouTube is great fun!

Please enjoy time out on your bikes, scooters or going for walks!


Computing Practice using DB Primary – logging on, drawing pictures, sending emails to friends, etc.


Please feel free to take photos of the activities and save them into your ‘My Work’ folder on DB Primary. We hope you have lots of fun!

Stay safe!


The Foundation Stage Team