Week beginning 23rd March

Here is what we had PLANNED for next week:

Grammar and spelling – we were going to revise the use of apostrophes. There are 2 uses learned by Year 2s – possessive apostrophes (Ben’s dog, the girl’s friend) and apostrophes used to show contractions (haven’t, couldn’t, he’s, they’re). We also need to check that the children understand that you do NOT use apostrophes for plurals (oranges, not orange’s). 

Maths – we were going to start learning to measure accurately in cm (and to the nearest half cm), to recognise when to use cm and when to use metres and to compare lengths and put several lengths in order. Here's a link that might help explain:



Topic – we have now learned quite a lot about Brazil – the names of some cities, some of the features of Rio de Janiero, some facts about the rainforest and what it is like for children in some parts of Brazil. We were going to learn a little more about the climate, food and attractions and then create a tourist poster, using “bossy verbs” and tempting descriptions. The children could do a little research and try to complete this task, or they could create a tourist poster for a place they have been.

Science – creating food chains within different habitats eg. grass à rabbit à fox. The children coud choose different habitats and see if they can make chains of 3 or more species, showing who eats who!

RE – we were going to start learning about Easter, focusing on Palm Sunday.

DT – we were going to have a major push on our rainforest boxes, creating the background, the foreground and the winding mechanism. Any boxes that had been sent in will be returned in case the children would still like to do this!

Computing – we have been creating PowerPoints. Obviously the children cannot complete the ones they have started at school, but they could show off their skills by completing a new one.