Week beginning 28th June 2021

Week beginning 28th June 2021
Dear Year 1 Parents and Carers,
Here we go again! Hopefully it will be the last time this year that we have to learn remotely.
We have quickly adapted our planning and resources so that they should be accessible from home. Although there are lots of things you can print, most activities can be done with just a pencil and paper, although you will find the PowerPoints and videos helpful in explaining the tasks. The children will be able to tackle some of the tasks independently; others may require a little support, just as they would have at school. We'd love to see your recount of Sports Week, the history timeline and Thursday's maths. You can email it or save it on DBPrimary (remember to give it a date and title so that we can find it).
As usual, our LSA team will be making phone calls, so if you have any problems you can ask them. We have also planned some Zoom calls for Thursday and Friday. For Thursday's you will need a pencil and paper, for Friday's you will need some cookery ingredients. Details to follow!
We have also saved some tasks for the children to tackle on DBPrimary and the children are welcome to email or blog there too. We look forward to hearing from them.
We hope the children will be able to get some exercise - suggestions of how to do this are at the bottom of the weekly activities - and keep reading too.
Keep smiling everyone! We look forward to seeing you on Zoom at the end of the week and back at school next week.
The Year 1 Team