Week beginning 30th March

27.3.20 Next week’s Year 2 plan!

Here is what we had PLANNED to cover next week:

Grammar and spelling – we were going to revise past and present tense and how verbs change when you add –ed (past) and –ing (present). We would also have covered irregular verbs like “to swim” (swam) and “to run” (ran).

Check out Mr Thorne’s lesson on youtube



Maths – having learned to measure accurately, we were going to focus on solving problems involving measures, particularly “how much longer?” and “how much shorter?” These can be solved by counting on from the smaller value or taking away the small value from the big one. Have a go at choosing 2 items and finding how much longer or shorter one is than the other one.


Topic – this was to be our final week about Brazil and we were going to provide pictures of 2 children speaking to each other, one saying what it is like to live in Brazil and the other speaking about life in the UK.


Science – This was to be assessment week, bringing together all the learning on animals and their habitats. The quiz we were going to give is at the end of this note.


RE – we were going to continue our learning about Easter, understanding the sequence of events in Holy Week and then making Easter cards for our families.


PSHE – the heading for the week’s lesson was “looking after others in the world,” how very topical! Maybe the children could come up with a list of all the things we could do to look after others at this difficult time (not going out unnecessarily, washing hands carefully, checking on neighbours etc.).


Computing – we were going to add animations to our PowerPoints and show the children how to print a handout.


Next term’s whole school topic is called “Let’s Celebrate!” This was because of the school’s 50th birthday. The children had already told us that they wanted to learn more about sports (which would have tied in with the Olympics) and how animals and plants grow and change. I’ll start a new blog next week, where children can contribute other things around this theme that they would like to learn about. We will also post the new Curriculum Ladder (information for parents about the topic) as soon as it has been completed.


Science assessment

  1. Daniel made this table to show where he found different animals.

In a flower bed

In a pond

5 caterpillars

1 frog

3 beetles

3 water boatmen

2 worms

4 leeches


a)  Where did Daniel find the leeches?

b)   What did he find most of in the flower bed?

c)   Why do caterpillars like living in flower beds?

d)  Give one reason why caterpillars don’t live in ponds.


  1. Class 2 were finding out about a rotting log in the school garden.

a)  Tick 2 animals they found under the log:






b)   Give one reason why a log makes a good home for some animals.


c)   Class 2 recorded the number of animals they found on the log. Complete their table:






















  1. Carnivores are animals that only eat meat. Give the name of a carnivore from any habitat.