Year 1 23.3.20

Year One Learning – 23.03.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are all keeping well and enjoyed Mother’s day yesterday. Here are some learning ideas for you to try at home based on the lessons we would have been teaching this week.

Numeracy – Fractions

Finding halves and quarters of shapes and amounts.

Have a look around the house and see what shapes you can spot that can be cut into halves and quarters.

Try finding halves and quarters of food e.g. pancakes or raisins.

Have a look on DB Primary and try some of the fraction activities (there are lots on there.)

Literacy – Story Writing

Read lots of stories at home. Can you spot the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Have a look at the characters and where the story is set.

Can you make a plan for a story of your own, why not set it in the woods and get some inspiration from your garden.

Have a go at writing your story. You can email it to your teacher on DB Primary.

Phonics – Split digraphs

a-e – like in the word snake.

o-e – like in the word bone.

u-e – like in the word cute.

i-e - like in the word slide.

e-e – like in the word eve.



DT – making the junk modelling houses

Have a look around your house for some junk modelling materials and make your houses. You can always email a picture to your teacher on DB Primary.


RE – Special stories from the Quran

Watch this video of special stories from the Quran (The Prophet and the Ants and The Crying Camel)


What does the video teach us?

Why are animals important?


Geography – map skills

Can you draw a rough map of your walk to school? Remember to make a little key to show what things are.


Computing- using a search engine

Go on DB Primary and practise your speedy maths and speedy spellings on the games.

Try and use google to research interesting facts about an animal of your choice.


Science- sight investigation

Can you try this experiment at home to test the importance of using both eyes to see properly?

What you need:

  • five pennies
  • small paper cup
  • a table where you and a partner sit
What to do:
  • Put a cup in front of your partner, about an arm's length away from them.
  • Ask your partner to close one eye.
  • Hold one of the pennies in the air at about an arm's length above the table. Move it around slowly.
  • Tell your partner that you'll drop the penny whenever he or she says "Drop it!" The idea is for your partner - with one eye closed - to judge when the penny will drop into the cup.
  • Give your partner five tries with one eye closed, then five tries with both eyes open.
Which way worked best?