Year 1 30.3.20

Year One Learning – 30.03.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are all staying safe and having fun. Here are some learning ideas for you to try at home based on the lessons we would have been teaching this week.

Numeracy – Time

Reading the clock to o’clock and half past. (Challenge quarter to and quarter past.)

Using your clocks at home to ask your child/children to read the time.

Can you make a timetable of your day and draw clocks to show the times that you do things. E.g half past 7 have breakfast.

Using DB Primary to play the time games.

Literacy – Poetry

Have you got any poetry books at home you can read? If not search for some online.

What describing words can you spot in the poems?

What can you notice in your garden or out on a walk that shows you it is Spring time?

Have a go writing your own poem all about Spring!


Phonics/Grammar – Word types

Can you remember what an adjective is? (Describing words)

Can you write a list of some adjectives?

Can you do the same for nouns and verbs?


DT – making the junk modelling houses

Continue building your house.

Write about what you found tricky.


PSHE – Health and wellbeing

Create a poster all about how we can keep our hands clean.


Geography – Comparing different locations

Can you look up a seaside area online and look at how it is different to where you live?


Computing- using a search engine

Go on DB Primary and practise your speedy maths and speedy spellings on the games.

Try and use google to research interesting facts about the Spring time. E.g Different weather and hours of daylight.


Science- taste investigation

Can you taste some different foods but with a blindfold on? Can you guess what the foods are using your sense of taste?

Which foods tasted sweet and which foods tasted sour?