Religious Education Curriculum

Our Religious Education Programme of Study


Autumn 1


Special People - Year 1

Special People – Year 2

Personal experience



Special ‘me’ (uniqueness, worth and value)

People who are special to me


Special people in the local community

Famous people

Statues, memorials, street names, school names

Saint days, Remembrance Day, Queen’s birthday


Every person is special to God

Respect to parents

Stories shared with children about Jesus

Christmas/ Easter




Patron Saints

Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas, Easter, Whitsun, Saints days


Birth ceremonies

Respect for parents and elders

Stories shared with children about Muhammad


The imam and the role in the community

The mu’adhin who calls the people to prayer

Respect shown to hafiz

Funerals and visiting graves of the dead


Autumn 2

Special Places- Year 1

Special Places- Year 2


Personal experience

Our home – bedrooms, gardens

Our special places at home

The town/villages we live

Our School

Places we go on holiday

Journeys and travel


The home as a special place for the family

In some Christian homes there is a special place to pray before a cross or an image of Mary, Jesus or a Saint

The church and other places of Christian worship


Places of worship with a national profile (eg St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey)

Places in different countries that are special to Christians (eg Bethlehem, Lourdes)


The home as a special place for the family

The home as a place for prayer (5x daily)

The Mosque as a community centre as well as a place of worship

Local mosques

Mosques in the Uk with a national profile (eg East London Mosque in Whitechapel)


Spring 1


Special words and stories - Year 1

Special words and stories – Year 2

Personal experience



Our special books

Our special stories

Our special poems and rhymes

Our special songs

Our special letters and cards

School prayer/song

National anthem

Cub/Brownie promise

Road signs


The Bible in the home

Stories from the Bible

Words from the Lord’s Prayer

Stories shared with children about Jesus, saints and other people

Grace before meals

Prayers said before going to sleep



The Bible

Readings from the Bible, including Parables

Prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer

Hymns/songs sung at church and in school




The Qur’an in the home, and the respect with which it is treated

Quotations from the Qur’an

Decorating the home

Stories shared with the children about Muhammad

Words used in prayer (5x daily)

‘Allahu akbar’ (‘God is great’)

The shahadah (declaration of faith)

The adhan (call to prayer)

Words used in prayers (5X daily)

Quotations from the Qur’an decorating the mosque


Spring 2

Special Things In Nature- Year 1

Special Things In Nature - Year 2

Personal experience

Our pets

Flowers, garden



Light and water

Trees, parks, woods, countryside, rivers, sea, etc

Wildlife parks, bird gardens, zoo etc

Need to look after our school/local environment. recycling


Stories shared with children about St Francis of Assisi

Grace before meals

Symbols from the natural world associated with Christmas (light, Christmas tree, holly, mistletoe, robin etc)

Symbols from the natural world associated with Easter (eggs, bunnies, daffodils. Etc)

Belief in God as a creator and our responsibility to look after the world

Biblical creation stories

Hymns/songs sung at church/school in praise of the natural world

Bread and wine at Holy Communion

Light: Jesus the light of the world, Christingles, paschal candle, water: baptism

Harvest festival





Stories shared with children about Muhammad and animals

Wudu (washing) before prayer

Creation story

Muslims believe that signs of Allah’s creation are seen in the natural world


Summer 1


Special symbols and objects - Year 1

Special symbols and objects – Year 2

Personal experience



Objects that are special to us

Family heirlooms

Our special clothes

Family photographs

Family crests

Birthday cake

Symbols that are special to us 9eg symbol of our school, football team, Essex symbol)

Symbols of England

Crown jewels





Images of Jesus, Mary and Saints in the home

The fish symbol

Certificate of Baptism

Symbols associated with Christmas

Hot cross buns

Symbols associated with Easter day

The cross

Communion vessels

Liturgical colours (linked to church year)

Vestments worn by priests

Bishop’s mitre, ring and crook

Symbol and objects found in churches and other places of worship

Christmas trees, lights and decorations

Palm crosses


Quotations from the Qur’an decorating the home

Qur’an stand

Prayer carpet

Qiblah compass


Prayer beads

Crescent moon

Clocks showing prayer times

Quotations from the Qur’an decorating the mosque



Summer 2

Special ways of living- Year 1

Special ways of living - Year 2

Personal experience

Daily rituals in our lives

Things we enjoy doing

Our hobbies and interests

What we do in the holidays and weekends

Showing kindness and love

Giving to charity

Healthy living

Our carbon footprint


Going to school

School activities in the community

Attending clubs

Activities in local hall/community centre

The global in the local

Ethical shopping

Fair trade

Cutting down our carbon emissions

Bonfire nigh, Fetes


Follow the examples of Jesus

Saying prayers

Bible readings

Giving to charity

Keeping Sunday as a special day

Giving up things for Lent

Christmas and Easter

Live by the teachings of Jesus

Attend church/chapel

Receiving Holy Communion

Going to confession

Attending Sunday school

Christmas and Easter


Follow the teachings of Muhammad

Wudu, prayer, fasting during Ramadan

Id-ul-Fitr, pilgrimage to Makkah

Follow the teachings of Muhammad

Attending the mosque

Wudu, prayer

The Five Pillars

Id-ul-Fitr, pilgrimage to Makkah