Recycling at Perryfields

Perryfields is going green! 
At Perryfields Infants one of our core values is 'Caring'. We know that is it is important that we care for each other as well as caring for our environment. We have decided to become a more eco-friendly school and get recycling! Our new recycling bins have arrived and the children have had a special assembly from Suzanne from Chelmsford City Council to explain how to recycle, why it is so important and what happens to our recycled materials. Did you know our old cans can be used again to produce an aeroplane! Also it takes as little as 7 days for the paper we recycle to be turned into a newspaper ready to read!
We are all very excited about this new project and we are keen to get started to help save our wonderful planet.
More photos and updates to follow!  
Mrs Fairbanks and Mr Draper