Diamond Class

Diamond Class 2021 /22 
Spring Term 
Design and Technology Space Boxes
Our DT project for this term was to make a Space Box with a winder in it. We enjoyed designing, making and evaluating our DT boxes! We are very proud of our end projects! Can you spot any aliens?! 
Photos coming soon! 
Chelmsford Cathedral
We had a wonderful time at Chelmsford Cathedral learning all about the Christian celebration of Easter. We all took part in five different activities each with an Easter theme. It was a lovely sunny day and after our lunch we got to have a play outside in the beautiful grounds of the Cathedral. Everyone was very impressed with our behaviour and manners. It was a lovely day and we all, even the adults, learnt lots of new things. 
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We had such a fantastic day at Colchester Zoo. We got to see so many animals including lions, giraffes, elephants and flamingos! We also got to see two little penguins waddling around very close to us! The day was made extra magical when Santa appeared with a special gift as a memory of our great day out! 
Diamond Class 2021-2
A fantastic start to the year... 
We have had such a great start to life in Diamond Class. We have all settled in well and we are already rising to the challenges and expectations of being in Year 2. 
We have made time capsules all about ourselves that we will bury and dig up in a years time to see how much we have all changed! We have been doing lots of activities based on our core values including respect, kindness and teamwork. We have been writing and presenting our applications for School Council, Play Leaders and Junior Librarians. The votes now need to be counted and representatives will be announced soon. We have been focusing on place value this week and enjoyed an edible maths lesson making tens and ones with breadsticks and raisins. Next week we are looking forward to beginning our new topic... World Outside Our Window.
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Sports Week 2021
We tried out lots of different sports this week and learned how to work well as a team.
Diamond Class 2020-21
We had our first practise on the horses (and some extra animals) today ready for race day. They were much harder then we thought they would be but we soon got used to them and had so much fun!
Our Topic this term in Diamond Class is Out of this World! We have had a fantastic time learning about Space and our Solar System. We have learnt about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 and our Literacy lessons have been based around the book Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. We had great fun using arts and crafts in our class reward time!
Diamond Class 2019-20
Paul Klee Artwork
We have begun to learn about the artist Paul Klee. We assembled puzzles of some of his pictures and the looked closely at them, making observations about his work and things we would like to have asked him. We then used our new sketch books to create a line and shape picture, as we learned that Paul Klee liked to create fluid pictures, watching his pencil move as he drew.
Diamond Class 2018-19
World Book Day in Diamond Class
We really enjoyed World Book Day! We came in to school dressed as book characters, shared books with children from Topaz Class and even made our own books!
Christmas 2018
Diamond Class 2017-18
The Dark: drawing bears in the style of Jon Klassen
Making circuits
Making and testing shadow puppets
The Dark role play: imagine you are Laszlo...
Diamond Class 2016-17
World Book Day in Diamond Class
Drama: The Magic Finger
Making slime in science
Gymnastics with Mr Noach
Tasting Mince Pies

Autumn term in Diamond class

In Maths we have been working hard to understand the value of digits in numbers. We used equipment to help us partition in different ways.


We were really excited to meet Chloe Inkpen. We had already read one of her books in class. We think she must have been excited to meet us too as she asked for a copy of our photo!

Diamond Class 2015-16
Sound Sandwiches

We had great fun making a sound sandwich to help Ug scare away Stone Age monsters. We investigated how the size of rubber band affected the sound and what would happen to the pitch if we moved the straws closer together.

Mad about Multiplication
We have been singing our times tables and recalling them out of order. To help us understand the commutative law, we also drew arrays of our multiplication sentences.

Fun with Fossils

As part of our Dinosaur topic we have been learning about fossils and how they are formed. We made our own fossils by imprinting shells into clay and using plaster of paris. We had a lot of fun being palaeontologists!

Spelling is fun!

We are developing our spelling skills through phonics and grammar sessions. We have been learning about homophones and when to use different spellings.

Spring Term in Diamond Class

In Diamond class we have been working hard on our topic, ‘Under the sea’ and have learnt lots of new and interesting facts and sea creatures and their habitats.


In PE we have been learning new basketball skills and we have just started Boot Camp! We enjoy the challenge.


In Maths we have been learning about inverse operations and division. We have been using our mathematical knowledge to solve number sentences with missing numbers.


This term our author focus has been Julia Donaldson and our class book is ‘The Whale and the Snail’. We have written character descriptions and alternative endings to the story. We have been using adventurous vocabulary to make our writing more interesting and trying very hard not to forget punctuation!


In art and design our main project for this term is creating a story setting under the sea box. We have designed our boxes using a range of media, including card, tissue paper, paint and clay.

Diamond Class Autumn 2015
We have had a very busy and exciting start to the term. We are really enjoying our new topic - 'Exploring London.' We have done some work on London landmarks, the royal family and the Great Fire of London so far. We really love the story we are using in Literacy - 'Claude in the City' and we can't wait to meet the author Alex T. Smith after half term! In numeracy we have been doing lots of work on addition and subtraction and hundreds tens and units.
We have done lots of art work including observational drawings and making clay self portraits. In design and technology we have designed our London Bridge models and we are looking forward to starting these next week. In PE we have been doing tag rugby, ball skills and circuit training. We have been doing some tricky coding in ICT and created some bar charts. In science we have been learning about materials and their properties. We have been thinking about special people in our local community in RE.
All of this in just 6 weeks! We have learnt so many new things already and there is lots more to come! More photos and information to come soon. 
Diamond Class 2014/15 
What a day at the Discovery Centre - Great Notley

The sun shone on Monday as Diamond Class took a trip to The Discovery Centre in Great Notley Country Park.  All of year 2 travelled by coach to this wonderful local Country Park for a day of outdoor adventures in the sun.

 We were guided by two fantastic park Rangers, Helen and Michelle who helped us to stay safe and think about all the amazing plants and animals that we can find right on our doorstep.

In the morning we had fun pond dipping with nets and magnifying equipment.  Everyone had a go and thankfully nobody fell into the pond!  We found so many interesting creatures from dragonfly larvae to blood worms and leeches.

We also took to the meadow armed with nets and pots to see what we could find a different habitat.  There were plenty of spiders, butterflies and our singing brought the worms out of the ground.

We had a lovely lunch sitting in the sunshine on the grass which gave us plenty of energy for our afternoon of Geocaching.

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game using GPS technology to find hidden boxes.   We split into teams and were given GPS trackers and a set of questions to find the answer to.  The class spent the whole afternoon running from point to point collecting information and racing each other.  Diamond class did a brilliant job of following the GPS and getting their adult helpers back in time for the coach.  Everyone was a winner at the end of this glorious day.  Well done Diamonds!

If you want to find out more about what you can do in our local country parks then visit:  http://www.visitparks.co.uk/

African Drums 
Diamond Class enjoyed a very special golden time on Friday with Mrs White. The children sang some African songs and played on the new drums. We had a great time! I hope you like the photos. 
Maths Trail 
In Mrs Fairbanks' numeracy class we did an exciting maths trail outside. We were numeracy detectives and we worked in pairs. We were asked to solve lots of different maths challenges. Once we had completed all of the challenges we had to have them checked by the maths trail masters, Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Field! If they were all correct we were then able to go onto the super tricky challenge! It was hard work but great fun!