Sports Day 2021

Sports day had finally arrived! Tuesday 29th June for FS and Year 2 and Thursday 8th July for Year!
After missing out on Sports day last year we had some very excited children and Teachers! We started the event by wearing our coloured t shirts in our teams. After a brief warm up and lots of motivational cheers we were off.
The children had to work around 6 activities:
1. Ladder runs
2. Sack Race
3. Javelin Throw
4. Hurdles
5. Football skills
6. Egg and spoon (Tennis racket and ball!)
Once each activity was completed the children were given a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their team and the points were added up. Once all the activities were finished it was race time for the children where they ran in their classes with a boys race and a girls race and individual places were given.
Well done everyone we had such a fun day with the music playing, cheering, smiling and laughing!
Joint 1st place - White and Green Teams
3rd place - Red Team
4th place - Yellow Team
5th place - Blue Team