Emerald Class

Emerald Class 2021-2022
Egg Box Dragons
The children in Emerald Class had lots of fun designing and making their very own Egg Box Dragons. They did a fantastic job and made their models completely independently. Well done everyone! 
Emerald Class 2020-21
Sports Week 2021
Oh what a fun and energetic week!
We started off the week with Mr Bowen's boot camp followed on Tuesday by a horse racing session. Even our teachers had a go. It was quite tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it.
By Thursday we had designed our jockey colours, (T-shirts) ready for the big race. 
On your marks, get set.... Go!
And we were off! Lots of team spirit and encouragement for our friends. A fabulous time was had enjoying exercise and having fun!
Well done Emeralds for fabulous sportsmanship!
We enjoyed our reindeer hunt today in the playground. We learnt about North, East, South and West and we used maps of the playground to help us find the hidden reindeer food. 
Emerald Class 2019-20
World Book Day and our trip to Springfield Library
Emerald Class 2017-18

Fabulous fossil hunters

Emerald class had a fabulous time learning all about fossils from Ivan the Palaeontologist. He taught us all about how fossils are formed and then we were able to excavate some fossils of our own. We found bones, teeth, claws, an egg, fish and a spike from the tail of a Stegosaurus. 

Autumn term in Emerald Class

In Emerald Class we have been learning how to classify animals into their groups. We worked in a team, sharing and taking turns and talking about what we have learnt.


We have also been learning how to log onto the computers in the ICT suite. We enjoy accessing different games to help us with our learning.

Emerald Class 2016-17
World Book Day in Emerald Class
All about time
We have been learning all about time. We have learned to tell the time to o'clock and half past times, remembering where the long hand points. We have also had great fun using stop watches to time how long different activities take in seconds.

The Jolly Christmas Postmen

We have all been really busy practising the songs and dances for our school play, “The Jolly Christmas Postmen.” Everyone in the school took part and in Year 1 we were snowmen, dwarves, elves, children playing in the snow, dancing Santas, all the king’s men or the three little pigs and a hen! The Jolly Postmen (or women in our case) saw all of us while they were delivering the Christmas post, before calling to watch a Nativity play at the end.

Our day at the Museum
Welcome back!
We have been very busy in Emerald class, getting to know each other again after the summer holidays.
Emerald Class 2015-16 
Nature detectives
We have been learning to identify the plants in the school grounds. We carefully collected our specimens and then used pictures to help identify them.
Fruit kebabs
This week we have read Handa's Surprise and, as Handa takes fruit to her friend, we decided to make fruit skewers. They were delicious!
Summer term in Emerald Class
Spring term in Emerald class
Emerald Class 2015/16 - Autumn term 


Teamwork in Emerald Class

Our whole school core value this term has been ‘teamwork’.

Emerald class have been developing their teamwork skills in and around the classroom. We are now great at working in pairs, larger groups and team games in P.E. We all enjoyed working together on the activities from the Happy Puzzle Company.


 Tropical Wings

Our Year 1 trip this term was to Tropical Wings. We had a great day studying the different animals, particularly the meerkats. We had a furry friends encounter too where we all had the opportunity to stroke a skunk!


Jelly Tot Maths

One of our favourite maths lessons so far this term has been making 3-D shapes out of jelly tots and cocktail sticks! We talked about the shapes we made and described their properties before we ate them!



On 9th November we celebrated Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and all took part in a special assembly. In the afternoon we invited our parents into school to help with fun Diwali activities.

Emerald Class 2014/15 
In Emerald Class our new topic is ‘Land Ahoy!’ So far we have been to Africa and we are looking forward to learning about pirates, dinosaurs and many other places! We have enjoyed our basketball lessons this term with Chris. We have learnt lots of new skills and had so much fun every Monday morning!
In Maths we have been learning to add and take away.
Acting Out Handa’s Surprise

September 2019 - What a busy two weeks!

Emerald class have settled in beautifully in Year one and are really working together as a team.  The Emerald team are very proud of them!

We are really enjoying our theme this term of ‘Here, There, Every Bear!’ and this week we have been focusing on the traditional story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We have retold the story to one another, acted out the story in group and written apology letters to the three bears as if they were Goldilocks.  We have made yummy porridge, written instructions on how to make porridge and had an interesting discussion on whether we thought porridge was a solid or a liquid!  In ICT we have used an art program to draw our own ‘three bears’, we have sketched our bears from home in our new Art books and we have looked at toys that are old and toys that are new, looking at the differences between them.

In maths we have been working hard on our counting skills, ordering numbers, using the greater and less than sign correctly between two numbers and calculating one more and one less.

Phew!  Well done Emeralds keep up your hard work!

Let’s Investigate

Maths in the sun

We began our topic this term by using the outside area to learn how to create a symmetrical pattern using sticks, twigs and stones. We worked with our talk partner, taking turns and sharing ideas.


Some of us went on to create 2D shapes with natural materials and practising our adding and subtraction.


Mrs Byrne helped us plant our own cress heads. During the following days we learnt what seeds needed to grow and then wrote our own instructions for other children to follow.