3 Tees Cricket Final 2019

After storming into the final from the heats, the A team were faced with 7 games at the 3 Tees Cricket Final on Tuesday 7th May 2019.
We were so excited and a little nervous as the teams we were up against were very good! Everyone played so well with scoring extra points with great aiming.
We won the first 4 games then lost a game, then finally won the last 2 games although the last game was very close!
So the overall score was clear. We had WON! All the children got a gold medal and we got the shield to take back to school. It hasn't finished there though, we got a place in the Essex County Finals to play on 15th July.
Well done to, Minerva, Joshua, Teddy, Stanley, Henry B, Florence, Isobal and Callan.