Workshops, guidance notes and videos

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Parents often tell us that they don't want to teach their children maths "the wrong way" so we have made some short videos to show the methods used to teach addition and subtraction.
(Apologies for the couple of sections that are slightly out of focus!)
Beginning addition
Part-whole model addition
Understanding equals
Beginning subtraction
Part-whole model subtraction
Adding 2 digits - sticks and dots method
Adding 2 digits - column method
Subtracting 2 digits - blank number line method
Subtracting 2 digits - column method
We are often asked by parents how to teach the upstroke style of handwriting and when children should start joining their letters. The videos below show how different letters should be formed.
(Apologies for the introduction to a couple of sections being slightly out of focus!)
Introduction to upstroke writing
C-based letters: c, a, d, g, q
One-armed robot letters: r, n, m, b, h, k, p
Long ladder letters: i, j, l, t, u, y
More curly letters: f, s, o, e
Zig zag letters: v, w, x, z
Capital letters
Starting to join: digraphs beginning with "a"
Starting to join: other digraphs that are easy to join
Starting to join: digraphs beginning with "o"
Where we don't join