Happy Puzzle Day

Our Puzzle Challenge Day 29-9-15

This week we had a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company, who led a day of puzzles and problem-solving. We worked together in teams to try to balance penguins on icebergs, complete jigsaws without any pictures to copy and replicate 3D models. We really had to persevere but it was great fun and we were very pleased when we managed to solve each challenge.

Here is what we thought of the day, in our own words:

I liked the penguin puzzle. It was my favourite because they kept falling off – that was funny!”

“My favourite was the big town puzzle. It was tricky.”

“We had to work as a team.”

“We did the pieces game. That was very hard.”

“Me and my friends thought the penguins were difficult.”

“Our group was great at the jungle puzzle.”

“When we teamworked, we managed to do the puzzle!”

“My group did challenging tricky penguin games.”