Week beginning 22nd February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,
We hope you have had an enjoyable half term break and are ready for the next exciting instalment of "Little and Large!"
It looks as if there are LOTS of resources this week, but most of them don't need to be printed (just a couple of the maths, the rest are there in case you want to use them). We understand from the parental feedback questionnaire how motivating it can be for the children to have videos made by their teachers, so we have included lots of short videos to explain the activities, including some with the teacher "talking over" the PowerPoint accompanying the lesson. However, in case any of you do not have devices that will play the videos, the original PowerPoints have also been saved.
We would like you to upload Wednesday or Friday's writing and Wednesday's maths on DBPrimary. If you want to save any other work to your child's "My Work" that would be fine, but please do not save more than 2 pieces to the "Class files" section.
Finally, don't forget to attend the Zoom meetings on Thursday - we love to see you all!
The Year 1 Team
Tuesday's English video
Tuesday's Phonics video
Tuesday's Maths videos - warm up and main activity
Tuesday's History video
Wednesday's English video - PowerPoint with commentary
Wednesday's Maths warm up video
Thursday's English video - PowerPoint with commentary
Thursday's Maths videos - warm up and main activity
Summary of Friday's activities